Discover the history and architecture of different fabulous European cities, get inspired by the insights of its culture and feel like a part of it.

Enjoy breathtaking views on beautiful spots, relax at the region’s best restaurants for a nice lunch or an elegant dinner and expand your horizon in a very exclusive and not conventionally way of sightseeing. We will show you the sights of each region with a special character.


There are unique travel moments, which becomes historical in your personal life.
Let us create memories that fulfill your longing. We take you on unforgettable day tours, like sport, fishing or hunting. We organize fantastic gourmet journeys or let you explore the alps in a luxurious way with the helicopter. Satisify your adventurous desire and experience the mountains with a Snow-Bike or a guided skiing powder tour.


We create your perfect day.

Travel Assistant

Travelling at the highest level with an extraordinary service is the real luxury.

Swimming in secret bays, dining in an absolute private atmosphere or feeling the spirit of a hidden place are the magical moments that make a journey unforgettable. A specialized travel assistant on side organizes every little mosaic piece for you, which turns a holiday into an endless memory.


We create your perfect day.


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